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Our Services - Children

Home is a comfortable setting for ABA Therapy, and it may be the best setting
for your loved one.

Your home can offer a familiar environment for your loved one to practice crucial life skills that will improve long-term independence and success. Home-based therapy will be a central part of your loved one’s homelife, providing a setting in which they can make consistent progress. Following the treatment plan, Registered Behavior Technicians will provide one-on-one treatment for your loved one depending on approved hours from your insurance provider. With continued oversight of the BCBA as well as continual parent training (if applicable), therapy will be provided in-home and school.

Understanding Behavior

Our Services – Adults

ABS will provide services across different environments. These environments include group homes (CILA), day program (DT), and in-home for adult clients living at home with family. Some features included in ABS’s service delivery model include:

  • Functional BehaviorAssessments (FBA) and writing Behavior Support Strategies (BSS)
  • Staff training and parent training (home-based services)
  • School consultation
  • CILA and Day Program visits as well as ongoing behavior support for clients on the Medicaid waiver.
  • We provide Clinical Supervision for masters level students who are completing their BACB requirements, and RBT competency for people looking to jumpstart a career in ABA
  • Data analysis and implementation of data tracking
  • Attending client meetings (PCP, BMC, HRC, and any other IDT meetings)
  • Reports (six-month summaries and as requested, monthly summaries)
  • Collaboration with other clinicians to identify areas and methodologies for skill acquisition.
  • Call or email for more information

All services are supervised by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

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